Photographs by Kevin Wheeler


Camera Awesome Photos

Updated: Nov 17, 2013 11:15am PST

Birds of Indonesia

Birds near Jakarta

Updated: Jan 30, 2013 6:11pm PST


Bodie ghost town in the Sierra Nevada on the California/Nevada border.

Updated: May 16, 2011 4:10pm PST

Yosemite B&W February 2011

Scenes from Yosemite National Park

Updated: Feb 12, 2011 1:38pm PST

Rome in Black & White

A few Photos of Roman Ruins

Updated: Jan 19, 2011 10:28am PST

Chile in B&W

Updated: Jan 18, 2011 1:07pm PST

Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, China

Updated: Feb 03, 2010 9:33pm PST

Hong Kong

Pictures taken in January 2010 in Hong Kong and Kowloon

Updated: Feb 02, 2010 12:06pm PST

Old Singapore

Chinatown and nearby streets. Singapore 2010

Updated: Feb 02, 2010 10:25am PST


Scenes from a Tourist in Paris

Updated: Nov 02, 2009 7:15pm PST

South Africa

Animals in the BakuBung Bush Reserve

Updated: Nov 02, 2009 7:08pm PST


A few selected pictures from Amsterdam

Updated: Oct 10, 2009 9:09am PST


Autumn 2009

Updated: Oct 04, 2009 7:01am PST


Cernobbio, Italy Autumn 2008

Updated: Dec 29, 2008 8:39pm PST

Tasmania, Australia

Updated: Oct 11, 2006 9:27am PST

The Badlands

Updated: Jul 26, 2006 5:45pm PST

Mt Rushmore

Some black and white shots of the Mount Rushmore Monument

Updated: Jul 26, 2006 5:41pm PST

Arches - Moab, Utah

Updated: Jul 25, 2006 6:54pm PST